Industrial & Residential Chemical Distribution

Acids & Bases
A comprehensive product range for countless applications

Our selection of acids and bases caters to a very wide range of customers. This includes metal, textile and wastewater treatment. In addition to the entire range of standard products, you can also create and order special mixtures from our supply program. Thanks to modern filling methods, special mixtures are available in flexible package sizes. On request, our trained personnel and in-house fleet of road tankers will also deliver hazardous goods securely to your warehouse after production and filling. All you have to do is let us know your needs and preferences.

Solvents & Plasticisers
The right solution for any requirement

A significant part of our supply program consists of various solvents. In addition to precisely targeted standard products, we also offer products with special properties. We produce mixtures that are precisely tailored to individual requirements and quantities for many customers, such as those in the automotive industry. To do so we use a special software program to search for VOC-free or non-hazardous formulas. You too can benefit from our flexibility and let us prepare your own individual mixture. Whatever quantity you need, we cover all package sizes ranging from 5-liter cans to drums and containers up to the size of a tank truck, for a fast and reliable service.

Wide range of products of the highest quality

We offere a wide range of solids that are perfect for complicated requirements covering every industrial application. Our product range covers the complete spectrum of conventional heavy chemicals. Our advisers would be happy to help you find the right solution for your special requirements. Whether it’s pure solids or a special mixture with multiple components – we supply the precise formula you need. It goes without saying that our top priorities are quality and safety for both domestic and imported products.

Water Chemistry
Strong products for modern wastewater treatment
Preserving a vital resource
How our water chemistry products help

The treatment of municipal and industrial wastewater is a complex process. That’s why we offer a wide range of products for different treatment processes. We want to stand by your side as a strong partner with our water chemistry team, assisting with your treatment process from start to finish. More than three quarters of the earth’s surface is covered by water. Of these 1.4 quadrillion liters, only 1 percent can be used as drinking water. This makes water one of the most important resources in the world. The pollution of water has immeasurable consequences, and wastewater treatment is becoming increasingly important as a result.

Renewable Energies
Sustainability matters

As a considerate, focused company, from the very beginning we have dedicated ourselves to the task of always standing alongside our customers in a future-oriented and sustainable way. Today, with society’s growing awareness of sustainability, the trend is pointing towards renewable energies. So certain are we that this is the way forward, from a very early date we have focused and specialized on sustainable products for solar thermal energy, geothermal energy, biogas and wind power. Today, as a well-known provider in this industry, we produce and deliver the right products of the highest quality to our customers. Our “Renewable Energies” department is your direct contact when it comes to solar thermal energy, geothermal energy, wind power and biogas. We offer a broad selection of products and services.

  • Solar Thermal Energy
  • Geothermal Energy
  • Biogas Plants

Sewer Rehabilitation
Two-component flooding procedure for efficient sewer rehabilitation
STAUBCO® Sewer Rehabilitation System

Our STAUBCO® Sewer Rehabilitation System, which has general technical approval no. Z-42.3-354 from the German Centre of Competence for Construction, enables you to rehabilitate sewer systems with minimal effort. This is a two-component flooding procedure for the temporary rehabilitation of buried sewer channels and pipes of nominal diameters DN 100 to DN 500 and their associated shafts. The system is based on the chemical bonding of the two easy-to-use components.

Raw materials for the food industry
Highest quality from manufacture to the end product.
Benefit from our wide range of products and decades of experience

The quality requirements for food start as early as the production stage. The raw and auxiliary materials used in the production of food are therefore decisive when it comes to high-quality end products. Constantly growing requirements for these auxiliary materials and end products make increased controls essential. The operating and auxiliary materials must therefore also be certified in order to guarantee a complete standard of hygiene throughout the entire production chain. Benefit from the STOCKMEIER’s established know-how; the company has decades of experience in the hygiene and food industry and offers you tailor-made and diversified product portfolios in all qualities. Traceability of the flow of goods is a matter of course for us.

A versatile raw material for chemical applications
Lime – a fascinating raw material

Lime is a fascinating and highly versatile raw material. People have been using lime as a building material for more than 14,000 years. Over time, an ever-broadening range of uses and applications has been discovered. Today, lime is used in many areas of life: in the construction of houses and roads, in the production of glass and plastic materials and in hygiene products, as well as jewelry and food. The chemical industry uses lime, too. For example, it is used to produce citric acid, polyvalent alcohols and synthetic plasters. It is also used as a reactant in chemical synthesis or to change the pH value. Lime is truly a versatile material.

High-quality raw materials for cosmetics

We offer a broad palette of exceptional raw materials for the cosmetics and personal care sector. We work together with reputable manufacturers of raw and active materials from across the globe, where we value long-term collaborations based on partnership.

We deliver tailor-made solutions for your applications with our reliable quality and individual advice. Our professional team of application technicians and sales specialists are at your service. Our experienced technicians have in-depth industry knowledge and would be happy to advise you on site.

Do you need inspiration for exciting recipes? Then take a look at our sample formulations!

Home & Industrial Care
High-performance raw materials for your products
Our portfolio of detergents and cleaning products
Surfactants, oleochemical products, silicones and more

Detergents and cleaning products are used every day in every household, as well as in business and industry. Because of this widespread use, Stockmeier has an extensive selection of high-quality products and services for the manufacture of detergents and cleaning products in its portfolio.

Whether water softeners, detergents, industrial cleaners or disinfecting agents, we offer a broad range of exceptional raw materials that are sustainable, efficient and safe – especially for detergents and cleaning products.

Paints & Coatings, Construction, Adhesives
Specialty chemicals for sophisticated applications
The specialists for paints, varnishes, construction chemistry, adhesives and more

We have been busy steadily expanding our business with special-purpose chemicals over the past several years. We offer a wide variety of high-quality raw materials specially for the coatings sector.

We deliver tailor-made solutions for your applications with our reliable quality and individual advice. Our professional team of application technicians and sales specialists are at your service. Our experienced technicians have in-depth industry knowledge and would be happy to advise you on site.

High-temperature Applications
Special raw materials for high-temperature applications
Our portfolio of products for high-temperature applications
Aluminium oxide, spinel, china clays and more

Wherever industry gets hot, heat-proof linings are required, including in metal production, foundries, power plant construction or waste incineration. Fireproof stones or concrete are used for this. To produce these, BASERMANN minerals delivers highly fireproof aluminum oxide-based raw materials.

These materials can sometimes be used as basic elements in the manufacture of high-quality ceramic components as well. We encounter these items numerous times on a daily basis, though this may not always be apparent. They are distinguished by their specific properties, such as high hardness, chemical resistance and electrical isolation. We also encounter ceramic raw materials in consumer products, such as flatware, sinks, tile flooring and oven tiles.

Plastics & Elastomers
High-performance raw materials for your application
Our portfolio for plastics & elastomers
Organic pigments, inorganic pigments and functional fillers

We are specialists for raw materials for plastics and elastomeres. We offer a wide variety of high-quality raw materials.

BASSERMANN minerals covers the whole range of products for the coloring of high-quality plastics. We will help you find the best solution for the pigments you need with our individual service and professional advice at a great value price. Furthermore we offer functional fillers and industrial minerals like kaolin, talc, micaceous iron oxide and wollastonite.

STOCKMEIER Chemie offers a broad portfolio of high-quality technical and standard polymers. The product range includes both raw polymers and directly injectable plastics. These are available in various colours on request.

We deliver tailor-made solutions for your applications with our reliable quality and individual advice. Our professional team of application technicians and sales specialists are at your service. Our experienced technicians have in-depth industry knowledge and would be happy to advise you on site.

Paper, Paperboard & Specialty Paper
High-performance raw materials for your application
Our portfolio for paper, board and specialty paper
Binders, additives and synthetic pigments

We are specialists for raw materials for paper, board, thermal and specialty paper. We offer a wide variety of high-quality raw materials.

STOCKMEIER Chemie offers access to a broad portfolio of technologies and chemistries for coated paperboard, SBS paperboard, coated freesheet, coated groundwood and specialty paper. These brands are well known in the industry and have earned a reputation for excellence and innovation.

We deliver tailor-made solutions for your applications with our reliable quality and individual advice. Our professional team of application technicians and sales specialists are at your service. Our experienced technicians have in-depth industry knowledge and would be happy to advise you on site.

Contract Manufacturing of Liquid Products
Great expertise in aqueous and solvent-containing mixtures
Contract Manufacturing of Liquid Products
Production and filling of liquid mixtures

We have large capacities for liquid mixtures, especially for flammable liquids like screen wash or grill lighter. We are also specialised in the fully automated filling of small containers. Our location in Bielefeld has the main capacities for this segment.

We are also experts for private label production. We manufacture products according to your specifications. Individual recipes, lables, packaging are our daily business. The products are tailored to your requirements. Contact us for further information!

Contract Manufacturing of Solid Mixtures
Powder mixtures, tableting and more
Experts for contract manufacturing of solid products
High-performance powder mixing systems, sieves, milling apparatus and finishing units

Our experts for solid products work at our plant in Miehlen. Through our use of modern, high-performance powder mixing systems, sieves, milling apparatus and finishing units, we guarantee the efficient production of powders with consistently high quality.

Based on the requirements of our customers we develop, produce, pack and distribute special powdered products. We have many years of know-how in the pressing of powder products into tablets.Modern production facilities with powder mixing plants guarantee efficient production of our products. Even demanding tasks, such as spraying powders with liquids, are part of our range of services.

The powdered products manufactured by you or by us are filled competently and reliably into tubular bags (also made of water-soluble foil), sacks or big bags, according to your requirements.

Chemical Reactions as a Service
Polymerisation, chemicals synthesis and more
Chemical Reactions as a Service
Synthesis, vacuum drying, polymerisation and more

Our numerous locations are home to modern production plants, a pilot plant and development laboratories. Here, we can prepare, recycle, package and fill all types of chemical preparations to your order.

Our Gablingen location specialises in custom chemical synthesis, the preparation of dispersions, emulsions and suspensions, as well as mixtures (inorganic and organic) using pressure, vacuum and temperature.

Hand Disinfectants
For hygienic hand disinfection
Hand disinfectants
Lerasept HD & Lerasept WHO

Lerasept® is our brand for reliable disinfection. Lerasep® HD and Lerasept® WHO are ready-to-use liquid products for hand disinfection. They act reliably and quickly, even against corona viruses. Please note that we only supply commercial customers (no private individuals). We also have surface disinfectants and other products for personal hygiene in our range. Please send us your inquiry!

General Food Industry
Solutions for every specialist area
Cleaning and disinfection in the general food industry
Professional hygiene solutions

The general food industry requires the utmost care and responsibility towards your customers. The manufacture of various foods is associated with high standards in hygiene and is subject to strict requirements. STOCKMEIER Chemie offers a comprehensive product portfolio for your industry – whether it’s foam cleaning, crate cleaning or personal hygiene. Our product portfolio features solutions for every specialist area. As an alternative to “traditional” cleaning agents, STOCKMEIER also offers a complete program for operational cleaning with eco-label products from the CLENOL product series.

Beverages Industry
Professional Optimization of operational Hygiene Processes
Cleaning and Disinfection for the Drinks Industry
Specialized in brewing industry and classic beverage production

Hydration is a basic human need. The manufacture and preparation of a wide variety of beverages is only possible with the utmost care and sufficient expertise. We specialize in both the brewing industry and classic beverage production. To meet these special requirements, we offer a wide range of products for the cleaning and disinfection of your machines, as well as chain lubricants – for clean production and perfect products.

Baking Industry
Exceptional cleaning results
Our Solutions for the Baking industry
Product Quality in accordance with DIN ISO 9001

Hygiene in food-processing facilities is both highly sensitive and indispensable. Our products make it easier for you to meet the strict legal requirements your business is subject to. Bakeries and confectioneries have their own specific standards and requirements. We can help – our friendly team would be happy to support you with its many years of experience, from dough production to storage to packaging and sales.

Commercial Kitchens
Product quality in accordance with DIN ISO 9001
High-precision hygiene performance
Special products and environmentally friendly raw materials

Maintenance of commercial kitchens imposes strict requirements on operators. We help you to meet these requirements. It is not only the classic cleaning and disinfection of the various devices and utensils that is indispensable, but also the subsequent maintenance and personal hygiene. Our special products are responsibly designed to ensure your facilities are clean – because you have an important responsibility towards your customers. Our successful ECO-TOP series combines high-precision hygiene performance with environmental friendliness! The use of non-water-polluting and environmentally friendly raw materials, combined with the economic and objective price benefits while complying with strict environmental and quality requirements, are measurable strengths of the outstanding ECO-TOP series. User-oriented, environmentally friendly and economical at the same time. In the summer of 2011, we became the first German company to offer a product range for kitchens that is fully certified with the EU eco-label, including the powerful GSM rinsing agent.

Optimal hygiene solutions
Products for dairies
Special products and environmentally friendly raw materials

Whether it’s milk, yogurt or cheese – every dairy product has special production requirements. And hygiene plays a vital role. Both basic and acidic products can help you meet the requirements of this demanding segment. Our specialist advisers would be happy to help you work out the perfect hygiene concept.

Food Retailing
Wide range of solutions with controlled product quality
We support you!
Hygiene solutions for retail and wholesale food trade

You are the indispensable link between the producer and the consumer – the food trade has its own specific requirements and challenges to overcome. Every day, a large quantity of food comes through your facilities on its way to customers. Correct hygiene is crucial and an integral part of your responsibility towards your customers. We help you to meet these requirements and offer a comprehensive solution with our hygiene products for retailers and wholesalers. Learn more about our comprehensive product and service portfolio now!

Surface Treatment/Decoating
Optimum pre-treatment and post-treatment of surfaces

The pre-treatment or post-treatment of surfaces is an important step in the production process. This contributes significantly to the final quality of the component. We offer a wide range of products for dephosphating, rust removal, passivating and aluminum brightening.

Our products have been developed based on many years of experience and optimized in collaboration with our customers. See for yourself.

Special cleaning agents for the tanker, container and tank wagon industry
Effective special cleaning agents
Extend lead times + save costs

The development and production of special cleaning agents for the tanker, container and tank wagon industry is one of our greatest strengths. Our product portfolio includes acidic, neutral and basic cleaning agents, solvents and disinfectants. It also includes stainless steel pickling solutions, as well as preserving and passivating products.

A significant part of process control in industrial tank cleaning lies in ensuring adequate cleanliness of all vessel surfaces, measured by the respective follow-up process. This is heavily influenced by factors like low resource consumption, maximum reduction of lead times and reduction of labor costs.

Our products effectively and reliably remove glues, adhesive residues, additives, dispersions and plastics. Our cleaning agents can even tackle food and oils. We also offer products for aluminum silos, as well as steel and stainless steel. We have specially mixed cleaning agents for indoor and outdoor use.

Component Cleaning
Special cleaning agents for maximum cleanliness and component quality
Everything you need for component cleaning

The cleanliness of components is becoming an increasingly important quality criterion. Meanwhile, the number of components subject to certain cleanliness standards continues to grow. At the same time, production efficiency is being continuously optimized. Fine-tuned chemical, process and technical solutions are indispensable to fulfill these opposing demands.

To help you achieve this, we offer a comprehensive portfolio of chemical products for industrial component cleaning, as well as technical advice to help you get the most out of our products. Our portfolio includes spray and immersion cleaning agents, products for high-pressure applications, solvent cleaning agents, additives and demulsifiers. Discover our product range for yourself and benefit from personalized advice.

SLC Cleaning
Cleaning of small load carriers
SLC Cleaning
Products for total cleaning

As a manufacturer of professional cleaning agents, we serve our customers with all products and services required in the field of SLC cleaning (SLC = small load carrier). Our portfolio includes cleaning agents for degreasing containers, rinse agents, label removers, drying aids and other special products. This allows you to clean your containers thoroughly and efficiently.

Our technicians install the complete dosing technology and train your employees. Your cleaning length is optimally adjusted. This will give you an excellent result when cleaning your containers.

Special cleaners for grease removal, pickling, activation and passivation
Strong chemicals for electroplating applications

We can provide you with a wide range of professional products for electroplating applications, from grease removal to electrolytic grease removal and pickling. We also supply basic chemicals and can advise you on wastewater treatment. An expert partner for your entire process.

Hot-dip Galvanizing
All chemicals for hot-dip galvanizing applications from a single source
Chemicals for hot-dip galvanizing
All products from one source!

As an experienced supplier to hot-dip galvanizing companies, we offer a complete range of chemicals from a single source. Our experts are there to support and advise you and to recommend the right product combination for your operational requirements. Our products are available in acidic or basic variants, as well as with a one-component or two-component mode of operation. Our portfolio also includes many other products like pickling additives and inhibitors.

Our research and development department is constantly working on new products to help our customers achieve optimum results. We not only develop our own products, but also produce them in our own production facilities.

AdBlue® Products
From bottle to bulk supply
A perfectly coordinated product range
Bottle, cans, drums and more

We supply AdBlue® in all standard package sizes, including bottles, cans, drums and IBCs as well as in bulk.

We also offer a comprehensive technical range of pumps, nozzles and meters, as well as complete mobile or stationary tank systems. This range of services is rounded off by the non-drip, odor-free KRUSE bottle®, which is the only patented and approved filling medium for passenger cars. We even offer delivery with technical urea in AdBlue® quality for dissolving in industrial production processes.

Here on the website you will find everything you need to know about our AdBlue® product portfolio, as well as the relevant equipment to accompany our range of services.

AdBlue® Equipment & Components
Pumps, tank systems, garage solutions, nozzles and components
A comprehensive range of equipment
Our service for you

We offer a comprehensive technical range of pumps, nozzles and spare parts, as well as complete mobile or stationary tank systems.

Here on the website you will find everything you need to know about our AdBlue® product portfolio, as well as the relevant equipment to accompany our range of services.

Perfect through the cold season
Windshield anti-freeze
Complete range of products and services for vehicles

For decades, we at STOCKMEIER have been producing chemicals for all your vehicle needs (cars & trucks). Vehicles are subject to extreme conditions all year round and must function reliably and be kept in good condition.

STOCKMEIER winter products provide reliable protection to keep vehicles running optimally, even at the coldest temperatures. We will see you safely through the winter!

We offer you the following winter vehicle antifreeze products

  • STOBI Freeze Readymix
  • STOBI Freeze Concentrate
  • STOBI Freeze De-Icer Spray

For a clear view
Windshield screenwash
For a clear view

For decades, we at STOCKMEIER have been producing chemicals for all your vehicle needs (cars & trucks). Vehicles are subject to extreme conditions all year round and must function reliably and be kept in good condition.

STOCKMEIER screenwash products provide clear and tidy windscreens in summer. Our products convince by a strong cleaning performance!

Car Care
Professional products for car wash
The experts for washing and care chemicals
Everything for the car wash

We are specialists in washing and care chemicals for car wash technology. We offer a comprehensive range for the car wash. Special focus is placed on products for wash-up lines. Here we offer a comprehensive portfolio, from pre-cleaner to gloss wax. In addition, we also offer products for processing and self-service washing stations, as well as chemicals for waste water treatment.

All products are concentrates whose quality is guaranteed by production and continuous in-house QM monitoring. We have a VDA-compliant product line. This is in line with the strict requirements of the automotive industry, perfect washing results and environmentally friendly operation.

We would be happy to advise you personally on our products.

Cleaners for Truck Wash
Professional products for your trucks
Strong products for strong vehicles
Truck cleaning and care

We also offer high-quality products for vehicle care in commercial vehicles. Here you get an overview of our professional truck cleaners.

Our portfolio includes products for pre-cleaning, washing, drying and preservation. In the field of pre-cleaning we offer not only basic cleaners but also highly alkaline and highly acidic cleaners. Various innovative products are available for washing and drying.

We would be happy to advise you personally in order to find the right product composition for your needs.

Workshop Products
Special Cleaners and Accessories
Products for your workshop
Cleaners, Hand care and more

For the workshop sector we offer a comprehensive range of products, from special cleaners to hand care products and accessories. See for yourself what we have to offer and let our service technicians advise you personally.